FL Blogger Conference, 2013


Yesterday I went to my first ever conference.  When I think of a conference, I think of a group of people dressed up in costumes and superfans of some comic book, television show, movie, characters, or something.  I first heard about the Florida Blogger Conference from my friend, Victor at Hortipopia.com, when he went last year.  I was so intrigued and grateful that he shared the knowledge he learned that year.  I made sure he kept me informed of the next conference!

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Pie Face


Let’s talk about the  BEST place to get a pie.  Pie Face is this yummy place to get veggie/meat pies, sweets, and more.  I’m ALL about the veggie pie there!  It’s full of flavor and easy to eat on the go, especially if you’re spending the day walking around the city like I did.  This is mainly in Australia, I think more on the eastern side.  But… they finally put one in New York City!  A little closer, but not close enough for me. The first thing I ate when I got back into Australia the second time was eat Pie Face for brekky!

Hosier Lane


Hosier Lane is a place in the city of Melbourne where the art is constantly changing.  (There was a entry way that had the Joker on it for a while, but was changed just days before I got there.)  I remember seeing it last time I visited Melbourne, but it’s obviously transformed!  We even got to see someone working on a section while we were there.  It’s interesting to see how strangers can collaborate to make something amazing.  My friends and I had a blast taking pictures!

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