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I’ve been tweaking around with my blog lately, especially with the layout and organizing the flow of everything.  I’ve been blogging on some type of platform since 2002, right before graduating from high school.  Back when it was Open Diary, Xanga, Livejournal, Tumblr, Blogspot, and so on!  I seemed to have stumble upon this adventure completely on my own and it just grew from curiosity to an obsession.  At times I feel sort of lost on the flow of everything.  Lately I’ve been looking into books for some inspiration.  (I recently purchased A Beautiful Mess, which I will review in a later post.)

1. Blog Inc., by Joy Deangdeelert Cho - This is probably the one I’ve been eyeing the most.  Her website is already inspirational!  I love being able to look over the table of contents and see that she covers nearly every aspect of making your blog successful.  I’m all about organized!  Plus, I’m a sucker for the look of this book.  I can’t wait to read the chapter titled “Finding Your Voice and Niche.”  I always feel I struggle with this and often change up my blog and even the name!  I’m actually surprised I’ve kept up with this one for nearly a year now!

2. The Blogger’s Survival Guide, by Lexie Lane – First of all, how cool is her name!  Just screams cuteness! (Even though it’s a pseudonym/blogger name, I still love it.)  This was co-written with Becky McNeer.  Again, another book to help anyone get organized.  One aspect of blogging that I know very little of is the legal side.  I look forward to reading the chapter all about the legal stuff regarding blogs.  Plus, there are two chapters on traffic, which I never really understood how to really get your name out there.

3. Graphic Design Thinking, by Ellen Lupton – (Co-written with Jennifer Cole Phillips) I never took any graphic design or graphic art class in high school or college.  Well, does pottery and photography really count?  I was a little late in the game to get interested in graphic arts during school.  I was more interested in getting my education degree, which I don’t regret doing!  (I love my job.)  I wish I had the opportunity (and money) to take these classes for my own interest.  However, I’m a great self-learner! (The teacher in me.)  If I don’t have a guide, I tend to skip around necessities and do things the hard way.  I love how this book starts of with basics and helps inspire you to keep growing.  I love going back to the basics with everything, even though I may have completed the harder skills.  It just makes the process easier!  When I’m completed I feel I truly understand all aspects and become more confident.

4. Cultivating Your Creative Life, by Alena Hennessy – Another inspirational book with the creative aspect in mind.  I love that this book is all about getting inspired to create your own “life.”  There’s even little activities for you to do in this book.  When I’m in a creative rut, I love to get inspiration from somewhere else.  This book is seems great to help get the inspiration from yourself!  It also seems like a great “pusher,” in the aspect of encouraging you to keep going and get out of your rut.

5. Blogging For Creatives, by Robin Houghton – This seems like a great book for setting up your blog on the two best platforms: WordPress and Blogger.  This would have been quite helpful when I was setting up this blog.  I thought WordPress was SO foreign and I would never get it.  (This is in my “I’m only sticking to Livejournal!” phase.)  I love how WordPress and Blogger/Blogspot seems to reach out to a larger community.  I’m looking forward to understanding more of the foundation of this platform.  Plus, the later chapters seems to provide steps to keep moving forward once you’ve established your blog!  (Something I need constant motivation/inspiration!)

There seems to be tons and tons more books related to these!  I’m going to have to start off with just one or few at a time.

Do you have a favorite “blogging book” that you find inspirational?  Any other inspirational books?

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