Festival Fashion Favorites


With Coachella coming up this weekend and the next, I’m feeling the want for Festival Fashion.  I’ve never really been a Festival goer and it really depends on who I’m with to determine if I’ll go.  I like to take things easy and just simply go with the flow.  I don’t like the pressure to run around to this and that.  Don’t know if I’ll ever go to Coachella, it’s just so massive.  However, I love, love, love seeing all the fashion it brings out in people.

1. It’s a great time to chalk up the hair! I’ve done this trend on nights out on the town, but you just can’t see it in the dark.  I love adding several colors, like the one shown on TheBeautyDepartment.com.

2. Flower Crowns, how fun are they!?  (Check out the DIY at Kelli Murray.)  I wore my flower crown to Disney and it was so much fun wearing it!  I love the whole “Flower Child” vibe you get from it.  Plus, when you do it yourself you can make it any way you want in any size and shape!

3. With all that sun, you’ll want a good ol’ Floppy Hat.  I never used to wear hats, because I think my head is a bit big and looks weird in them.  Despite that, I’ll still wear a hat out in the sun! Sunburned scalp anyone?  That not fun to deal with and looks like you have constant dandruff when you start peeling.  You feel a LOT cooler too!

4. Hippie Style seems to come out in any festival, Woodstock ring a bell?  Well, like father, like daughter in this case.  Whether my dad likes to admit it or not, he was a bit of a hippie.  He swears I’m a hippie at heart, and I sometimes agree.  I love the easy flow of fashion!

5. Fringe, such a fun little pop of fashion.  Looks so carefree and fun to add to any outfit.  Takes a simple purse and gives it something a little more merry and playful.

6. The Boho Style seems a bit related to the Hippie Style, and I adore it.  I like the modern upgrade, especially the layering of light pieces.  I always feel more comfortable in my Boho clothes.

I love some of all the different styles that are seen at these festivals, especially Coachella.  It’s fun to see all the celebrities to come out and play in their personal fashion styles!  Here are some of my Festival Fashion Favorites: Vanessa Hudgens, Isabel Lucas, and Kate Bosworth.



Lacey Dress


Have you been to JCPenny lately? Or should I say JCP?  With the “rebranding” comes changes and I have to say they upgraded!  I saw the LookBook and was tempted to go and have a shopping spree, but I need to save for my upcoming trip to Australia. (Look out for an upcoming post about the LookBook.)

ootd2  Outfit Details – Lacey Dress: I Heart Ronson at JCP,  Belt: Target


Seriously, I’m such a sucker for lace dresses.  I can’t tell you how many lace dresses I’ve bought in the past.  It makes me feel girly and fun.  I love the creamy color of this and how they incorporated the chambray in the collar down through the buttons. It think it gives it more of a casual feel, which is more my style.  I paired it with a color (spring) color skinny belt from Target, which I use for a couple of dresses and tops. And, of course, always some curl in my hair!  A nice, simple way to look somewhat dressed up for an Easter meal with the family.

Favorite Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

Spring Fashion Preview

Hello Spring Fashion!  There are many Spring trends happening on the runways and in stores lately.  I love them and want to experiment with them into my own personal style, however, I’m saving up for my upcoming Australia trip.  (Need to save, save, save, and resist!)  There are two trends that I will definitely invest in this Spring.  I’m loving the Black & White trend (always & forever) and, surprisingly, the Cutouts/Peekaboo trend.  There are so many others that are fun for Spring.  (IE. Statement Glasses, Bold Stripes, and even the youthful Quirky Print Shorts.)

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