List Item #77: Run a Marathon


With all the fun charity marathons out there, I’ve decided to add “Run a Marathon” to my list. My friends and I had been talking about doing one for a while, and this fun one fell right into our laps! If you’re not familiar with the Color Me Rad 5k, you run and at certain points volunteers through powdered color (and ever squirt colored water) on you!  It was so much fun!  I’m not even a runner and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  Check out all the pictures and the video at the end!







List Item #35: Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree


I never thought that graduating from college/university was that big of an accomplishment.  Then I look back on my family’s history.  I’m the first one in my family to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree.  There were some long semesters with 18+ credit hours, tons and tons of Education classes with more projects and less exams, and internships where I learned a great deal.  Then finally it’s graduation time.  If I had it my way, I don’t know if I’d care to walk across that stage after my name is called in front of thousands of people.  However, I know how sentimental my parents are and how I know they would want me to walk.  Little do they know, I only did it for them.  It wasn’t until recently I realized how much of an accomplishment it is.  It just seemed like going to regular school to me, like I did all my life.

Blame the teacher in me, but I’m all about education.  Especially furthering your education & knowledge.  Any kind, as long as you’re constantly growing and learning.  I honestly feel that no matter when you finish “school,” you’re always learning throughout every day of your life.  I went onto the next step in life and got my teaching job and followed my career.  I’m the teacher and every day I still feel like I’m always learning something new.

And now?  I want to further my education in Education with a Master’s Degree.  (However, I prefer to cut down on my student loans and start grad school with no debt.  That and possibly in another country and learn twice as much?)  Again, I’m all about education.

List Item#17: See the Peter Pan Statue in Person

#17 Cover

Number 17 on my Lifetime To Do List is to see the Peter Pan statue in person (in Kensington Gardens).  Like most children growing up, I was absolutely obsessed with the story of Peter Pan, mainly introduced by Disney’s animated version.  I was such a foolish little girl with this story.  (I think I actually had a little crush, before I knew what that was, on the cartoon version of him!)  I remember watching the movie constantly and thinking that I want to fly away to Neverland.  I want to fly around with Peter, I want to fight pirates with him, I want to rest on a cloud, I wanted to move that hands on “Big Ben,” I wanted to take of The Lost Boys, and I wanted to sail away on Captain Hook’s ship after Peter took.  I’m honestly not a jealous person by nature, I may secretly wish I had something someone else had, but then I turned those feelings into “how can I get my own version of that.”  However, I was EXTREMELY jealous of Tiger Lily, when she nuzzled him, and Wendy, for having his attention.  I related too much (for my own good) with Tinkerbell.

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