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I missed last Friday, OOPS!  Let’s just say that I’m working on being more frequent with my posts.  How has your week been?  I’ve been organizing my room at home and my classroom.  I’m starting to feel like my head is floating above water.  The last Inspiration Friday focused more on October inspiration. The inspiration this week focuses on organizing and likings!

1. MNML Thing – I found this website through another site (which I can’t remember at the moment) and I fell in love with all the simplistic prints!  It seems to be growing with more and I can’t wait to see what is yet to come.  I love how inspiring how they explore objects found all over and create them into an art form.  This inspires me to find inspiration in the simplest of things.

2. Office Space (picture from – Although the blog post is main about the DIY cork board (that I want to make), I felt inspired with clean colors and space to post inspiration in an “office.”  I have a small room and didn’t initially have a desk.  However, since I bring work home and I’m on the computer, I felt the need to have it again.  My mom gave me her small desk and I’m slowly working on organizing my area for an “office corner.”  Being hunched over in bed while grading papers is not good for my back.  Plus, if I have an area I enjoy being in, I’m more likely to do more work. Check out my Pinterest Board – Inspiration: Office for more inspiring office spaces!

3. Make Your Day: DIY All Day Long – I heard about this through  This ebook has 20 DIY projects for crafters of all levels.  I loved the DIY project of decorating a pot with the cutest smiley face.  I love that this inspires me to do more crafts.  I love being able to use my craft projects in my classroom, and letting my students craft away as well.  (They’re quite creative!)  I love days inside on a rainy day full of crafts!  Great idea book.

4. 52 List Project at – I’m a HUGE list maker.  (I have a bullet list for this post right in front of me!)  When I’m bored I’ll start listing away about the most random things.  I sometimes feel like my mind can get on hyperdrive when I’m excited about something.  I usually use a bullet list to organize everything in my brain onto paper.  I love this project because you can print out the page and list according to the topic of the week, so you can list things you may have never thought to do before.  It’s amazing to get to share these lists and have a community of fellow bloggers inspiring each other.

5. Kate Spade – Hello Sunshine (phone case) – I’m one of the thousands that waited on an order from Apple/AT&T to receive my Gold iPhone 5.  When I finally got it after weeks of waiting I immediately ran to Nordstrom to pick up this case.  Let’s just say that within the weeks of waiting I was searching through hundreds of cases on the internet.  When I saw this and the “hello sunshine” saying, I knew I had to have it!  It has a gold mirror plate on the back.  It hides the gold back of the iPhone, but now there is more GOLD!  (Still obsessing over that lately!)

What inspired you this week?

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